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Earning Potential Of Movie Marketing And Distribution.

There are very few movies that will actually walk away with a profit. The production studio spends millions on the budget for the making of the movie. They pay the actors, the crew members and the producers of the movies and that makes for a large amount of money. Millions are also spent in marketing the movies. About one third of the money spent on movies is spent on marketing. It doesn’t matter if the movie is horrible or the movie is great, the marketer for the movie has to convince the general public that it is a movie that they are going to want to sit through and spend the money on. Movie marketers or promoters will group movie releases during the summer or during the holidays and long weekends. This will give the consumer time to see it. The marketer has to be able to make their movie stand out from the rest. There are many movies released every year and if it isn’t unique or a standout it might get looked over. A marketer will often flood the movie market with his or her movie. Everywhere you turn you will be reminded of the movie. If it is fresh in your brain, you are more likely to buy it.

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