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How To Make A Profit While Marketing Movies.

One of the biggest questions a movie studio needs to ask when they begin marketing is how much they will need to make back in order for the film to be profitable. If they made the movie on a shoe-string budget as an indie film, they won’t need to make back a lot of capital in order to break even on the project. However, the common adage is that it takes money to make money is never more true than it is in the advertising industry. If you don’t pour money into a films marketing you won’t make your initial investment.

It may come as a shock, but many movies spend more money on marketing their films than they do on actually making them. This is true for big blockbusters all the way down to the Sundance movies. Marketing is an incredibly expensive niche to get into, but it comes with a lot of good press.

The best way to make a profit while still marketing movies is to get a grass roots campaign going that takes advantage of social media. If you can get other users talking about your film online, then you have already started a great marketing campaign.

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