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The Art Of Successful Movie Marketing.

The way in which you advertise a movie can make or break it when it comes to the box office. Two recent movies have come out in the past six months that have had enormous budgets and they have been incredible flops. The two movies were John Carter, and more recently the film Battleship. Both movies failed on a marketing level and that has led to the demise of an entire movie studio

The best way to advertise for any movie is with a trailer. A trailer is your chance to show the audience in movie footage and giving them a taste of what the film is like. There are two major traps you can fall into with making a trailer. If you give away too much of the films plot, people will feel like they no longer have to see the movie and they will already know what has happened. But, on the other end, you have the problem with people not knowing what the movie is about at all.

If someone doesn’t know what the movie is about, they will have no way of knowing if it will appeal to them. This is the other mistake with successful movie marketing.The information party rocks on: “The Great Gatsby” Movie Trailer

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